Friday, July 6, 2018

Time for a summer sale!

Usual rules apply:
  • No refunds or exchanges
  • Minimum spend $10 please 
  • Payment by Paypal, all prices exclude invoice fees and shipping.
  • I will hold polishes for 24 hours.
  • For feedback please check my MUA page (I am miffy2 over there):
  • I ship worldwide from Ireland. Shipping prices start at $4.50 for 1 polish, 2/3 bottles for $6.00 and up to 7 bottles for $7.00 depending on weight (makes sense to buy more!) For anything over 8, I will work out the best price. Shipping is NOT cheap, I know, but I am still quoting lower than the actual costs and I have priced the polishes low to make up for this. :) 
  • Please message me on Facebook or email me at
  • Thank you, any questions feel free to ask.
  • Most polishes have been used once; if I spot any more usage when listing I will make a note.
This list is a work in progress; I plan to add photos and descriptions. For your reference all polishes have been used twice MAX; most have been swatched or used just once. 

Tonic Polish
Fecundity 10 7

Polished for Days
Trouvaille 6

Oracle 5

Darling Diva Polish
Bohemian Rhapsody $8
Wardrobe Malfunction $5
Dark Ritual $3
The Witching Hour $3
What you do for money honey $3
Fischy! Fischy! Fischy! $5

Colors by Llarowe 6 each 
Woman from Tokyo *SOLD*
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Mojito *SOLD*
Rendered Speechless *SOLD*
A lot more help sucking up
Summer Skies POTM May 2016
Feelings Whoa Whoa Whoa
Nail Mail (Rainbow Connection exclusive)
Connie, You Saucy Minx *SOLD*  
What Knockers (Halloween 2014)
Good Fortune
Teal it to your mama (CBL Devotees group custom)
Cornucopia POTM November 2015  *SOLD*
Little Miss Independent (Winter 2015)

Skyfire $10
Sweetness and Light PPU $10 NOT AVAILABLE
Slytherin $6  *SOLD*
Vampire’s Fire $6
Eleven Pipers Piping $6
BB Lempicka $6
Sinister Puddle $6
Stormcage $6 *SOLD*
The Clock is Striking Twelve’s $6
Two Moon Sunset $6 *SOLD*
Tricky Treats $6
Gumdrop Rooftops December 2015 $3
The Word of Bagheera $5
Looks and Letters $5
Quite Ribbiting A Box Indied $5
Slow Fade of Love II $5 *SOLD*
Brand New Baubles $5 *SOLD*
Harvest Moon $5
Boughs of Holly $5
La Royale $5
How Doth the little Crocodile $5
Japanese Moon Melon $5
Colder than a Wave $3
Jawsome $3 * SOLD*
Forty-Four Sunsets September 2015 $3 * SOLD*
The Wayfarer August 2015 $3
Olea Europea $3
Dark blue mystery $3

Girly Bits
Well isn’t that special 3
Defying Gravity 6
Joyeux Noel 6

ILNP 5 each; all 6 for 25
Old round bottles:

Scofflaw 5 each, any 6 for 25
Arcane Sugar
Rabbit in the Moon *PENDING*
Dingoes ate my baby *SOLD*
Happy Little Tree
Wrath of Julia Child
Kidnapped by Vikings
Those Berries are Poisonous
Rain Dogs *SOLD*
I am the Narwhal 
blue prototype 

Contrary Polish $5 each
High Beams 
Purple Pepper
The Mellower Season
I Kinda Lilac You
Fear of Sleep
A Charm of Stillness
Exotic Eggplant

Smitten/Dreamland $5 each
Out of the darkness
Himalayan Blue Poppy
Audrey's Rainbow
Old fat round bottles:
Nuttin' for Christmas
Snozzberry Gumdrop
I Feel...Wicked (60% full) 3

Glam Polish 6 each 
Wild, Wild West Coast
I Love LA
Eternity Dragon
Sippin’ Gin & Juice
I will leave these lights up till the day I die

$4 each:
Storms Never Last * SOLD*
Overtime till Springtime
That boy is a P.I.G. Pig * SOLD*
Bad Catholic * SOLD*
The Hostile Witness
Too F***ing Hot and Cold duo (6 for both) * SOLD*
Dead Man’s Bells  * SOLD*
VooDoo * SOLD*
Black Widow
$7 each:
Beyond your fears
Edgy Red
An Edgy Ocean Dream
Huggin & Munnin

The Polyester Chemist

a-England $4 each 
Lady of the Lake
Encore Margot
The Blessed Damozel
Queen of Scots

Cupcake Polish
Double Chocolate Cupcake FLOP May 2016 $5 *PENDING*
Too Fancy Lacquer 
Starry Eyes $4 
Indigo Bananas
Bridal Veil $4 
Gotta Love Brains $5 *PENDING*
HARE Polish
Afterglow $3 *PENDING*
P.O.S. $7 * SOLD*
Shifty F $7
Hey Bikini $4
Partners in Lime $4
Native War Paints
February 2017 $5
Fancy Gloss
Frozen Berries $5
Noodles Nail Polish
Worm Bodies FLOP Oct 2017 $5
Glitter Daze
Shibazakura Hill FLOP May 2017 $5
Love, Angeline
Discover $3
Flakie polishes: 
Layla Cosmetics CE 52 $6 
Orly Fowl Play $5
Baroness X 
The Road to Awe FLOP June 2016 $5

Elevation Polish $5 each or
take all 4 for $20 SHIPPED 
Rose Cardamon Chocolate Truffle
The Merchant's Son

Vintage polish:
China Glaze Grape Crush (50%) 5
China Glaze Kaleidoscope Me Out (80%) 5

Monday, July 2, 2018

                                      Clothing clearout!

Please contact me on, or by PM on HeyMammy site. First come first served :)

All items for sale - all either new with tags, new without tags, or worn once or twice.
Anything worn has been gently washed and air-dried.

I will give as detailed a description as I can but feel free to ask questions. Where possible I will give the brand and item description; feel free to google for more inages.

Postage is extra - one item should be €5.80; two items together €9.00 (these are An Post rates for Ireland; for postage outside Ireland please ask first). If you are in South County Dublin and would prefer to collect to save on postage please contact me.

Payment via Paypal preferred; once we agree a sale I will send an invoice and this gives you the Paypal buyer protection. I have included the cost of the invoice in the prices below.

No returns please.

1) Hush Felix tunic in Medium. Dark green. *Disclaimer* it says dry clean only. I have hand-washed this and it is 100% fine. (I very often hand-wash such items). This could be worn as a dress if you are around 5' 4" or so; I wore it as a tunic over jeans. Price €20.

2) Hush Victoria dress in Medium. Navy wool. Worn (twice) with the skirt pulled up so the top part sits over it. Price €20.

3) Hush navy wide leg trousers.Worn once. I had these shortened as they would have fit a giraffe. I am 5' 7" and when on, without shoes, they reach the floor. The photo showing the tag is the truest in colour; I fount it hard to photograph this shade well! (If you go to this link you can see them in Antique White; I can't find a pic of them in the blue): Priced at €15.

4) Hush Cara crop knit jacket in blue, size Medium. Worn once or twice.  Price €30 O.N.O.

5) Hush Sintra shirt. Black with white stars. Size 14. In perfect condition.  Price €17.50

6)Phase Eight sleeveless dress. Fully line, silky material. Quite fitted. Ruched on one side. Size 12. Price €15.

7) New Look checked midi length shirt dress. New with tags. Size 14. Price €15.

8) Me and Em peacock blue (closer to navy) blue skater dress with jersey sleeves. New without tags. Size 12. €20

9) AX Paris black dress with flower pattern. Quite fitted; perfect condition, worn once. Size 12. €10.

10) ***SOLD***AllSaints navy blue jersey Alix dress. New with tags. €30. Like this one except for the colour!

11) GAP coated dark brown skinnies. Size 12 (US 8). new with tags. Price €10.

12) GAP smart black trousers. Size 12R. New with tags. Price €17.50

13) GAP straight leg jeans in dark indigo. Never worn. Price €15

14) GAP long open cream cardigan. a few bobbles that can be easily removed. Worn a couple of times. Price €10

15) GAP grey sweater with Love in cream. Size Large. Quite short and fitted for its size. Worn once or twice. Price €10.

16) GAP Navy wool sleeveless jumper. Size Large. Worn once or twice. €10

17) GAP gapfit workout top. Size KL so suit about size 16. New with tags. €5

18) GAP black gypsy skirt. Size Large and is quite loose but can be tightened. ( I have worn these skirts in small, medium and large and notice very little difference in the sizes!) €10.

19) ***SOLD*** jacket. Cream, boucle. Similar on sale in Zara right now for €40. Price €20.

20) Boden cropped black jeans with ankle zips. Size 14R. €10

21) ***SOLD*** Cos navy wool top. Wide fitting. Cowl neck. €10

22) Fat Face grey cable knit jumper. Size 14. Worn once. Price €15

23) ***SOLD*** H&M leopard print jumper. Size Large. Never worn. Very fine knit and would probably suit size 10-12! Price €10

24) River Island cream wrap blouse. Gorgeous on. Size 14. €10

25) Heidi Klum for Lidl jeans. Skinny, indigo. Says size 40/14 but IMO more like a small 12 :)
New with Tags. €5

26) GAP flowery navy top. Light material. Size Medium. €5